St Paul's Logo

“God's Caring Community growing in Christ, sharing His Love”

Our Worship Services

Worship is at the heart of our life at St Paul’s.
Every Sunday at 9:30am we meet for about an hour together with God who comes to us.

We meet him in his Word as we listen to it and in Holy Communion. God comes to forgive, heal and bless us, and to listen to our prayers, both for our own needs and the needs of the world. We come humbly to receive from him and respond to him with our songs and prayers and with our offerings, and then with our lives as we leave.

St Paul’s wants to worship as a family, so we have one Sunday service and you will find people of all ages here. We try to consider the needs of everyone as far as possible, while worshipping together across the ages and spectrum of personal preference.

Our services use a variety of musicians – sometimes a band, sometimes organ. We sing both traditional and more recent songs and the whole service is available and clearly outlined on the screen. People are involved in a variety of ways, including the young.

We also have special services during the year for important events in our Church calendar such as Advent & Christmas, Ash Wednesday & Lent, Easter and Pentecost.

If you would like to have your children baptized or consider being baptized yourself, please contact us. We would love to talk with you about what it means and how it happens at St Paul’s.

Introduction to our Church

The Sanctuary is at the centre of the church and contains many elements important to worship, not only in ours but every church.

  • Altar (back centre) – a focal point where we recognize God is with us and comes to serve us. It is where we place Holy Communion and also the where we place our offerings

  • Baptismal Font (front centre) - where people receive the gift of Baptism

  • Bible - the open Bible on the altar and lectern reminds us God speaks in his word.

  • Candles - remind us of the presence of Jesus “the light of the world”. The large candle on the left reminds us of Easter and baptism

  • Crosses/Crucifixes - the small cross on the altar reminds us Jesus died to forgive and save the world, while the big cross (at the top) is empty to remind us that Jesus is no longer dead, but risen and alive again for us

  • Lectern (left) - where we hear God's word read during worship

  • Paraments - the cloths hanging off the altar, lectern and pulpit. The colours and depictions change when the seasons of the church year change

  • Pulpit (right) - where God speaks to us through Pastor's sermons

  • Sacraments (Communion)